Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Tiger's Widow : A Fannie Favorite

The Tiger's Widow, by Jennifer Holik; a new favorite of Fannie's

Today, Fannie is going to tell you about a book that has inspired her patriotic spirit.  She happened upon this book when announced that Jennifer Holik would be a new writer featured on their online bookstore.

Virginia Brouk Davis, the Flying Tiger's widow, has told her story through Ms. Holik's enlightening book about a career in the Women's Army Corps.  Most of the photographs in the book show the lovely memories of a woman who knew loves, and the pain of heartbreak.  As a "Hello Charley" girl for the Western Electric Company, Ginny became a representative for the company, and appeared at many events. During WWII, she greeted the boys in uniform as they stopped at hometowns while on leave.

This gal met her hometown hero in 1942 when Robert Brouk, a flying ace, was honored in a parade.
They married in November of that year. But their life together was cut short.

In 1943 Ginny joined the WAAC while she wore Robert's insignia.  Her time as a "Hello Charley" girl followed her along in the corps.  She helped to recruit other women in the military service. Broadcasting on radio programs became a way of life for a while.

Her time in the service took her throughout the world.  She had the opportunity to see so many places that a young woman probably would never have the chance otherwise. Letters to home were a top priority for her. While coming off of a plane in 1944, Ginny accidentally met her new love, Harvey Davis,  through a rather awkward moment (you have to read the book to get the full story).  After both were discharged in late 1945, they were married.  Many years were spent together with a beautiful family.

Harvey is no longer at Ginny's side, but she has her memories of him.  She kept her life stories going by sharing them with her family, and now they are shared with everyone through this book.

Jennifer Holik ends her book with 9 discussion questions that help the reader to think about what they had read and how they feel about the life, loves and memories of Virginia.

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Fannie LOVED this book.  She could not put it down.  It kept her attention engaged, and she learned so much about what women could do during WWII in service to their country.  Fannie is now a new fan of Virginia Brouk Davis, and Jennifer Holik, too!

Fannie's Ratings :

Engaging/Educational Factor:  TWO Paws UP !!!!!

Entertainment Factor : THREE Woofs!!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fannie Salutes France, July 14 2016, Standing With France, Fannie, the dog, 2016
Ordinarily, Fannie posts book reviews on this blog.  However, this time it's different....because she is sad that all those people who were enjoying a lovely event in France were hurt, and some died.

Fannie wants everyone to put down their gadgets for just a while and pray for everyone who has suffered...individuals, families, friends, loved ones.  Fannie thinks it's time to hug your buddies, human and furry, letting them know that they mean everything to you.

Until next time....stay safe.