Tuesday, July 25, 2017

George Washington: How Many Times Did He Cheat Death?

Hello, All,   Fannie here.

I have been browsing the Used and Clearance shelf at my Mom's store (AncestorStuff.com), and I saw this neat little book about George Washington.  I learned about him at school, being our first American President of the United States.  I thought I knew all there was about him, like his wooden teeth, living at Mount Vernon, being a father to his wife's (Martha Custis) kids, and chopping down a cherry tree.  Boy, was I ever surprised when I read this book. It was so exciting....I could not put it down!

by David Barton, 1990, Wallbuilder Press
George was sure a lucky guy! During the French and Indian War, George managed to keep from being shot while delivering messages  on horseback.  In fact, he was the only officer on horseback to survive his unit. George believed that God had his back, and kept him from being injured so many times.  He felt that he was put in safe places because God kept him that way.

There was a story told by an Indian, Red Hawk, who said he personally shot at George Washington about ten or eleven times, and missed every time.  Red Hawk said it was nearly impossible to miss his mark.  He had a clear and close shot every time, but somehow, George was never wounded.

George Washington has written many letters to his family and friends, telling them of his participation in battles, witnessing the death of General Braddock, and delivering the eulogy for him before burying him in a secret grave so the Indians would not be able to destroy the body.

The Battle at the Monongahela was the place where George Washington was most likely to have been killed.  Yet, to the surprise of his adversaries, he was spared.  As the book says on it's cover, "the account of God's providential care".

I learned so much more about President Washington than I ever thought I would just by reading this book.  I guess there are truly people put on this earth that are born and hand-picked by God to lead his people.  Well, that's what my Mom told me, anyway.

So, if you get a chance, read this book.  It's not very long, and your Mom can help you with some of the long words. It's only $3.50 at AncestorStuff.com.  You can buy it with your saved allowance.

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