Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fannie Finds Fantastic Foundations For Fact-Finding

hahaha   Say that five times without fail....but you can't!

But, what you CAN do is follow her suggestions for accumulating some great resources to fill in the blanks of your family tree research., accessed 12 Nov 2016 

NOPE, no magic wand here...

Just some FANTASTIC help just for you!

Do you have some family members who were in the Civil War?  Having problems getting the real SCOOP on their experiences, service files, pension papers, burial locations?

Never Fear....Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches....has come to the rescue for YOU. Find them on the Internet at, and sit back for some great service at obtaining some of the most important records that you will ever use for your family history.  This is what they offer :

NARA Archive Military Record Retrieval Services

Washington DC – Archive I

College Park, MD – Archive II
Service Records, Pensions, Morning Reports

NARA St. Louis Military Record Retrieval Services

WWI/WWII Service Records, Civilian Personnel Files

CCC/WPA Files,  Burial Files, Misc. 

So, how does Fannie know about this company and their services?  That's easy...She Has Used Them.

Twisted Twigs provided the full pension files of two Civil War veterans to Fannie and Her Family.

One was a wounded veteran, who returned home after being shot in the leg during the Battle at Stone River.  He passed away just four years after returning home, dying from complications from his wound, which left him using a crutch and not able to straighten his afflicted leg. His leg proved to  harbor an infection causing his death.  He left a widow and small child.

The second pension file was that of a USCT Corporal, who hailed from Alabama and Mississippi.  He escaped the ravages of slavery from a brutal owner, made his way to Kentucky, met up with a unit of Union soldiers from Wisconsin who nursed him to health.  They took such a liking to him that they sent a letter to relatives in Evansville and asked them to meet him at the train station there.  They had secured him a home and a job.  He repaid the act by joining the USCT and served his nation to aide in the freedom of his comrades still in the bonds of slavery.  

All of this, and so much more, was gleaned from the pension files of these two soldiers.  Fannie was so fascinated with the stories of these two men who found side by side with their fellow soldiers, in what was the bloodiest war in the history of the United States.

Fannie is helping to write the accompanying blog to, called Finding and Preserving Your History,   The first installment of this blog subject was written on 29 October 2016.  This blog is reviewing the complete pension file of Ernst Christian Reif, a wounded veteran of the 34th Illinois Infantry. It's an interesting story to be sure.  And it could not have been told without the help of the work of Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches.  Visit them today, and place your order for the history of your Civil War ancestor.

It's Fannie Endorsed, for sure!  She gives it Two Paws Up and Three Woofs.