Tuesday, April 18, 2017

David Dobson: Fannie's Favorite Author of Genealogy Reference Books

If there were ever a guy who dedicated his time to sharing his knowledge of the history of our nation, it would be David Dobson, of Dundee, Scotland.  He has authored more books than Fannie can count...and she is very adept at mathematics!

This year, David Dobson has released his latest book, Scots-Irish Links, 1575-1725. Part Ten.
It has been published by Clearfield, and is now available for purchase. This is the tenth in a series of books about the Lowland Scots who migrated to Ulster, and many of their families immigrated to America. As always, this book is indexed and sourced.  This books has a retail price of $19.50. AncestorStuff.com offers this book for $16.50, item # 502-8121.

Although Dr. Dobson focused on economics and mathematics in his college years, he always had an intense interest in history. He would have loved to become an archeologist, but certain restrictions kept him from exploring that field.  So, he turned to genealogy and historical research.  He had  intense interest in Scottish-American history. He thought that he could fulfill an area of study where there seemed to be a lack of published research.  The result of his efforts: A thesis published by the University of Georgia Press, 'Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785'.

Since that time, Dr Dobson has authored over 130 books on the subject of the Scots, Scots-Irish and Irish in North America. He has searched through the archives of many libraries and other archived collections to combine relevant data to include in his many publications. to learn more about Dr. Dobson, visit this webpage: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/history/staff/daviddobson.html

Do you have an interest in the history and genealogy of persons from the North Atlantic area? Fannie recommends that you request books by David Dobson.  She is not real sure of her heritage, except that she was rescued from the area of Northern Kentucky, and that there were some Scots-Irish that inhabited that area some time ago.  She may have some digging to do!  And, she loves to dig!

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