Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fannie Finds Books For Kids

by Anne Schmidt Koenig, 2013
Kids Books From Masthof Publishers

Fannie found some great books....for KIDS!!! These have been published by one of her favorite publishers...Masthof.  Since 1982, Masthof has printed and published thousands of books, and helped many authors self-publish their compositions.  A second-generation publishing business, they feature life stories, local history and memoirs. They also carry a great selection of Children's Books.  Here are some that Fannie found to be quite entertaining, and recommended for your little book lovers:

by Ross I. Morrison, Sr., 2004

Written for school-age children, this history book's focus is on the early settlers of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, including transportation, industry and institutions.

by Sharon Durksen Schnupp Kuepfner
These are a series of books that focus on the lives of the parents of the author, Sharon Kuepfner.
These books deal with the lives of children growing up in southern Canada and Pennsylvania, their everyday tasks, the world around them, recipes from their mother's kitchen, games they played and their faith when things seemed to become unfamiliar as the world changed around them.  A great set of books for children, for sure.

by Gerry Kershner, 2006

Here's one for your budding artists.  The Lancaster landmarks in this book include bridges, chapels, train stations, town clocks and historical homes.  Each has a description of the image and it's history. Sure to be a hit with the kids. Fannie rates this as Three Paws UP.

Earl Charles Squirrel, by Anne Schmidt Koenig, as shown at the top of this page, is geared to elementary school children.  Earl Charles is a squirrel who is nuts about genealogy. His story centers on the concept of genealogy, and incorporates record-keeping, in addition to diversity and kindness toward others.  It has basic genealogy vocabulary and family record worksheets.

Felicia the Curious Cow, by Josephine DeWitt, also shown above, is written for the much younger crowd.  Felicia is so curious.  She slips outside of her stall at night to see what goes on in the world outside of her boundaries.  She meets up with various other farm animals and characters, who are just as curious as she is.  A really cute book for toddlers.

These are just a few of the books in the Kids category listings at  Fannie is so excited for you to browse the on-line database of her bookstore.  Won't you browse it with your little readers, and perhaps you will find some great books to read together.  Reading is one of the best activities you can do with your children.  Fannie will give you an A+ for Parenting.