Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kids Heritage : Yes, It Can Be FUN

Here there! Fannie here! I want to tell you about a new addition to our catalog.

This one is for KIDS!  It can be customized, and given as a perfect gift for any occasion or holiday.

Introducing..................KIDS HERITAGE BOOKS

image provided by kids heritage inc.
Kids Heritage, Inc. has created personalized children's books to introduce a child to his or her own heritage and the world around them.

This is an award-winning children's book designed to help introduce children to their heritage.

The child's name can be mentioned throughout this beautifully illustrated book.

Fun and educational information for up to 8 different countries (over 100 to choose from)

Family tree and family traditions can be added to make this truly a personalized, unique gift

image provided by kids heritage inc.
Each hard-covered book begins with a personalized letter to the child from the gift givers. 

What a special gift for children ages 0-12 years, and for that cute newborn baby, too.

Imagine sharing your family values, traditions and stories with the children in your family.

I had such a good time pawing through the pages of my very own heritage book.  I know every kid would love to have a book like this of their very own.

My book review gives this Kids Heritage Book 3 paws up and 3 woofs, meaning I LOVE IT!

Look for item 170-001, prices start at $38.66 for 4 countries per book.  Add $5.00 for each additional country, up to 8 countries per book.