Sunday, October 30, 2016

Genealogical Encyclopedia - Good Stuff

Fannie has a new favorite book..  Three Paws UP, and Two Woofs!!

Genealogical Encyclopedia of the Colonial Americas. a Complete Digest of the Records of All the Countries of the Western Hemisphere.  by Christina K. Schaefer

"Until the publication of this remarkable work, no single source could be used to identify and locate the records of the various countries of the Western Hemisphere. Given the extent and diversity of the records, this is hardly surprising; and yet the creation of such a source is precisely the task Christina Schaefer set herself. The immense body of records of the colonial period in the Western Hemisphere presents a serious challenge to the researcher--in some cases even a stumbling block--and therefore in this work Mrs. Schaefer has undertaken a systematic examination of the records to show the researcher where to find the most important genealogical records of the period and how to access them, all within the framework of a single encyclopedic volume"

A Great Desk Reference.  Chronology of History, dates, including the Colonies of Latin America, North American, South addition to references of the many European nations that held interests in the Americas.

Fannie can't wait to get her paws on this one.  She is just thinking of all the great school reports that she will be able to write. Using this reference book to guide her to the sources of information, she can  produce some nice papers that will knock the socks off her geography and history teachers!  She smells some A's coming on her report cards!!!

Honestly, this is a really good book for any family with kids in grade school, high school and college.  And, what teacher would not like this as a new addition to their classroom bookshelf.  

Thinking of Christmas?  Here's one gift to mark off your list!

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