Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fannie Celebrates Memorial Day 2016 : Her Favorite Military and War Selections

Fannie :  Black Lab Mix and History Buff Mutt
Fannie is excited about Memorial Day!!!  Hotdogs, Hamburgers and, of course, saluting Old Glory.

Fannie has searched the catalogs of to find some items to suggest to her friends who are interested in celebrating the lives of those men and women who fought to keep our country free.  She chose her selections very carefully....looking for just the right ones.  Here's what she would like to feature as her personal picks:

An Ordinary Soldier – Christopher Hite of Bedford, Pennsylvania and the Continental Army
by Richard Hite, 2010, 8.5” x 11”, Softbound, 105 pp
ISBN 9781558565258
Christopher Hite, a typical Continental Army Soldier, poor and illiterate, has a story to tell from the monthly rosters of his regiment. tax records and local histories of the area in which he lived.   He and the other "ordinary" soldiers of the Continental Army were mostly sons of impoverished immigrants.  Very few of these men learned to read and write. Christopher spent six and a half years in the military.  This book seeks to tell his story, and the story of his "ordinary" comrades that served our nation in the war that started this United States of America on it's way to becoming the republic that is it today. AncestorStuff item 115-615,  $13.56

First in His Class: Captain Oberlin Carter and the Savannah Harbor Scandal  by Philip W. Leon, 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 314 pp. ISBN: 0788450220
Captain Carter was a rising star....graduating first in his class at West Point in 1880. In order to make imports and exports more manageable, he changed the depth and the course of the Savannah River. Although very admired by the public, he was charged with defrauding the federal government by fixing the bidding process by which the corps of engineers awarded contracts. He was fined and sentenced, stripped of his rank.  Never did he admit guilt and continued to appeal his case until 1944 when he passed away at the age of 88. AncestorStuff item 501-L5022, $25.20

I Flew With Hell’s Angels, Thirty-Six Combat Missions in a B-17 “Flying Fortress" 1944-1945, by William Albertson.,  (2005), 2007, 192 pp. , ISBN: 078843506X

This is a fascinating book about the "Flying Fortress", known as Hell's Angels...of the 303rd Bombardment Group of the Eighth Air Force in World War II.  Clark Gable was a "member", which gave the group a bit of glamour and fame.  But those who managed to join it's ranks learned that fear and heart-pounding moments were the norm.  William Albertson tells the story of his father's experiences as a B-17 navigator.  He incorporates photos from the National Archives along with the personal notes and letters written by his father.  Hell's Angels attacked the areas of Dresden, Bremen, Berlin and many other places.  A definite tribute to the brave men of the flying 303rd.
AncestorStuff item 501-A3506  $21.60

Fannie would like to know what you think of her personal picks for Memorial Day 2016.  Leave her a note on her blog.  Suggest other books to Fannie....just make sure that they are found in the on-line catalog,, Oh, BTW,  Don't Miss the Special Memorial Day Free Shipping Offer.  Buy 3 or more items from the MILITARY Catalog on, and get FREE SHIPPING.  Offer expires 13 June 2016.

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