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Fannie's Favorites : May 2016

Fannie's Favorites

This month Fannie has chosen to share an exciting book with her public followers on, LLC.  She is fascinated with old and new inventions.  She really likes the ones that have been around a while, but she has never heard about them....until she stumbles upon a book, like this one!

The Flying Submarine, The Story of the Invention of the Reid Flying Submarine, RFS-1, by Bruce Reid.  (2004), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 178 pp. 
ISBN: 0788431366

A flying aircraft that can be a submarine?  "Come on," said Fannie.  "You have got to me pulling my paw!"  She read the description of the book on the Internet, and she was immediately hooked!

"The Flying Submarine: The Story of the Invention of the Reid Flying Submarine, RFS-1 - Bruce Reid. Is it science fiction? No! This is the true story of the invention of the world's first submersible aircraft. Developed during the Cold War era, the military potential of such a craft was invaluable, and the inventor worked tirelessly to get his flying submarine off the drawing board and into the water. Donald V. Reid, the inventor, was a high-energy person of many interests and talents, as well as a technical genius. This story is told by his son, who helped his father assemble the craft in their Asbury Park, New Jersey back yard, and who was the pilot of the Reid Flying Submarine. Photos and drawings illustrate how the sub was made, and show it being tested in the water and in flight. Don Reid gained minor celebrity status for his novel idea and appeared on the popular television programs, I've Got A Secret, To Tell The Truth, and The Johnny Carson Show. He was an aviation pioneer who was never fully recognized for his innovative contributions. Read this engaging story of invention and experimentation, and find out what ultimately became of the extraordinary Reid Flying Submarine! (2004), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 178 pp. 
ISBN: 0788431366" synopsis taken from Heritage Books,

Donald Reid, father of the author of this book, designed his single-seat craft in 1961. It had a 65 hp engine for flight, and a 1 hp electric motor to provide the power for underwater propelling.  He first demonstrated his craft on 9 June 1964. Mr. Reid was an engineer at North American Aviation, aircraft manufacturers. He tested model-sized prototypes before building the larger, piloted size aircraft.

Photograph of Reid's Flying Submarine,, LLC has this book listed in their online catalog.  If you are interested in getting of copy of this book for yourself, or someone you know who likes to read about topics on inventions, make it a point to order this book, item number 501-R3036,  at List price for this book is $20,00, but you can order it from us for $18.00.

Fannie's rating for this book is Two Paws Up, and 3 Woofs!  She said that she was very impressed with how this book kept her interest from beginning until the end. Fannie also mentioned that her paws hurt from turning the pages so fast as she read about this exciting invention.  Now, she dreams of entering mechanical and aviation engineering someday in her future.  But first, she has to pass those nasty 8th grade exams this month.

Don't miss the next posting of Fannie's Favorites next month.  Fannie is currently reviewing the AncestorStuff publication catalog for her next favorite read.

For future reference...Fannie's Rating System is as follows :

Engaging/Educational Factor......No Paws UP, One Paw UP, Two Paws UP

Entertainment Value.....No Woofs, One Woof, Two Woofs, Three Woofs

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