Sunday, June 26, 2016

Celebrating FamilySearch Freedman's Bureau Indexing Achievement

Have you heard? has recently placed Freedman's Bureau indexes and some images on their website,,  This has been a year's worth of work by so many volunteers, and the work continues.

Fannie, black lab mix and history and genealogy buff mutt.

Fannie has decided to focus her blog this week on publications dealing with African American history, genealogy and stories. has over 150 publications listed on our website. Fannie spent most of today browsing the long list of these resources.  She was so excited to see that so much has been written on this historical topic. In fact, there were so many titles to review that she had to take a nap in the afternoon to rest her eyes!

These are just a few  of the many books offered by
Stop on in and take a look at our vast selection.  In celebration of the achievement of FamilySearch, we will offer FREE SHIPPING on your order of African American publications.  Just add the coupon, WELCOME, to your order, and enjoy the savings!

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