Sunday, June 19, 2016

Help Fannie Find Her Hometown : Win a FREE MAP

Fannie, the smartest dog in the world of history and genealogy research
As you probably have guessed, Fannie is Adopted....Yes...she is...don't be shocked!

She was found with her young siblings at about the age of 4 weeks, wandering around the flooded areas of Kentucky in 2010.  No mamma was found, even though a long and exhaustive search was conducted by ASCPA members.  So the pups were gathered up and taken to a local shelter where they were cared for during the following week. Vet care followed, and the estimated date of birth for the bunch was set at Christmastime in 2010.  Calls were made to several animal shelters in the Midwest, until one was found to have room to take them in.  Fannie arrived in the Chicago suburbs in the dead of winter, and after a complete health checkup, she and her siblings were ready for adoption.

Our family took her in, and she blossomed under the watchful eye of Luigi, her adoptive older brother.  He was 7 years her senior, and he carefully showed her the ways of a suburban lifestyle.

Luigi has since passed on over the rainbow bridge.  Fannie has been left as the only canine in the family.  Having to be the center of attention is a harsh life, but she seemed to settle into that role just fine. a adoptive member of the family, she often wonders, "Where did I come from?"

That is where YOU can help!  She was born in Kentucky in the later part of 2010.  There were bad floods in the area of her birth.  That is all she knows.

Can YOU help Fannie find her ancestral Hometown?  All you have to do is research where she may have been from, using the information that has been given in this posting.  Meanwhile, we will contact the agency to find out exactly where her litter pack was found.  The person to find the exact town, or the person who finds the closest town of her family will receive a FREE MAP from our selections of maps on  No charges for purchase or shipping!

Interested?  It is time to test your research skills! Get started NOW.  Who wants to win a FREE MAP?  DO YOU? Submit your answers to

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